Front Load Washer Specifications

Listed by Model

Overall Dimension52"Lx43"Wx60"H59"Lx49"Wx64"H67"Lx54"Wx76"H73"Lx63"Wx90"H
Working Height32"36"42"55"
Turntable Diameter25" Stationary31" Rollout36" Rollout42" Rollout
Weight Capacity*1000 lbs.1000 lbs.1500 lbs.1500 lbs.
Pump Motor3 HP Vertical3 HP Vertical5 HP Vertical7.5 HP Vertical
Pump Output (max. cap.)52 psi @ 35 gpm52 psi @ 35 gpm80 psi @ 85 gpm75 psi @ 120 gpm
Solution Capacity95 gallons140 gallons160 gallons250 gallons
Heat Source9kw9kw18kw18kw

Internal Features of the Front Load Washers

1. Threaded Replaceable Pressure Nozzles
For precise spray patterns and long life. (Located on top, bottom and side of washer.)
2. Mechanical Door Seal
No rubber seals to replace.
3. Discharge Drain
2 inch drain coupler for quick and easy maintenance of wash tank.
4. Built To Last
12 gauge mild steel construction, with a 304 stainless steel option; coated with an industrial-strength, two step primer and polyurethane finish for years of protection.
5. Frontal Fork Access
6. Sloped Floor
For easy drainage.
7. Baffled Vent System
8. NEMA Rated Electrical Control Box
With colour coded wiring and pump kill switch.
9. Industrial Control Panel
10. Safety Kill Switch
Shuts down pump immediately when door is open.
11. Double Basket
12. Gear Driven Turntable
No slippage, no wire brushes or rubber tires to wear out. Circuit breaker for turntable drive motor protection.
13. Roll-Out Turntable
14. Intermediate Spray Bar

External Features of the Front Load Washers

1. Steam Exhaust
2. Mist Collector
Option also available.
3. Safety Conduit
Water-proof, electrical conduit provides added safety protection for operator.
4. Vertical Sealess Pump
No seals to leak or replace.
5. Adjustable Thermostat
6. Option Ready
Fabricated and wired for easy installation of options now or in the future, including:
• Oil Skimmer
• 7-day timer
• Low water shut off (LWSO)
• Automatic water fill (AWF)
7. Pressure Gauge
8. Filtration System
9. Low Water Shut Off (LWSO)
10. Auto Water Filler (AWO)
11. Oil Skimmer
12. Efficient Heat
Standard industrial grade carload with oncology sheath; energy efficient with 100% heat transfer due to the heating element being completely immersed.
13. Gas & Steam Heat

Aqueous Parts Washers

Front Load Washers

Our front loading parts washers not only provide precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a keystone in the world of cabinet cleaning systems. With 17 models to choose from, custom units with turntables up to 120”, weight capacities up to 50,000 lbs, re-circulating and fresh water rinse cycles, ambient and heated blow off option available, we have the cleaning system to not only meet your needs but exceed them.

Our heavy duty units are built with the commercial customer in mind. Using the proven sprocket driven turntables allow our machines to eliminate chains, bless, tires and other friction drive systems that can stretch and slip resulting in poor cleaning performance.  The drive gear design ensures consistent rotation and spray impingement on the part. In addition, we use a mid level swing away spray bar to allow a range of part sizes to be cleaned better by reducing the distance from nozzle to the part requiring cleaning.

Mechanical door seals ensure that there are no rubberized seals to leak, and the door is large enough to allow full access to the wash turntable. There are no better front loading washers on the market.


  • Vertical Pump Systems – reliable and efficient

  • Walton Heat Elements

  • Industrial controls – lighted switches

  • Large swing-out doors for full access

  • Removable stainless steel basket

  • Low-water shut-off protects heating elements from low water conditions

  • 95 gallon – 550 gallon solution capacity models available

  • 52/53 psi/gpm to 75/200 psi/gpm pump output systems available.